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‘more than a courier’

Founded 2007

Holistic Logistics (MK) Ltd

In the early days of Holistic Logistics a client approached us to see if we could assist in the service and calibrating of some items of medical machinery which we were already storing and shipping on their behalf, thus freeing up highly paid specialist engineers to efficiently use their skills in more profitable areas of their employers business. This proved to be a very successful formula and since then Holistic's technical services has evolved so that now we carry out a range of simple and some more complex technical services at our workshop/lab, tailored to our client’s individual requirements.

Come and talk to us if you think you would benefit from outsourcing your time consuming repetitive technical tasks. You will find our team knowledgeable and helpful with the experience and ability to learn new systems and procedures accurately and swiftly. When you are paying top dollar for your skilled engineers and technicians you don’t want them bogged down with mundane tasks that can be carried out at a fraction of the wage cost by our team here at Holistics.

Holistic Logistics Milton Keynes Bespoke Technical ServicesTechnical, Communications and value added services

Outsourcing time consuming, repetitive, less skilled technical tasks, releases your workforce to utilise their skills more cost effectively.